The hopes and tears of the most romantic day of the year

How important is celebrating Valentine’s Day to you? Is it all red roses or just a thorny issue in your relationship?

Relate MTB relationship experts say that our expectations for romantic occasions – such as Valentine’s Day or anniversaries – are actually shaped in our childhood years by the actions of the adults around us.

So to make sure you meet the expectations of the one you love on February 14th have a chat now about how their parents marked special occasions and pick up some valuable Valentine clues.

Our counsellor, Liz, says Valentine’s Day expectations are a familiar relationship stumbling block, explaining: “How people demonstrate their love – through words, touch, actions, gifts or time dedicated to spend together – gives us a better understanding of how they want to receive love themselves. A mis-match or lack of understanding can quickly turn into ‘He doesn’t buy me flowers on Valentine’s Day, therefore he doesn’t love me’. But often it is just an aspect of how we were brought up.”

The sooner a couple bring these issues to a professional counsellor the sooner any love mis-match can be redressed, says Liz.

Local charity Relate MTB has been providing high quality relationship advice across our communities for more than 50 years and last year delivered counselling to nearly 2,000 people.

So whether you have been together for six weeks or sixty years, have a little chat about your hopes for the most romantic day of the year and avoid any thorny issues.

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