Relationships are very powerful things. They have the power to make people happy and content and to provide a secure and loving base for children and their future relationships. Good family relationships are the cornerstone of a successful and thriving society.

Relate are working hard to strengthen relationships, but to do this we need your help.

We are a local independent charity and we do not receive Government funding so we need your support through donations like legacies.

No matter how small, leaving something to Relate Mid Thames & Buckinghamshire in your Will really makes a difference. Working together we can ensure a better future for adults, children, young people and families in our local community.

How can I leave a gift to Relate Mid Thames & Buckinghamshire in my Will?

There are different ways in which you can remember Relate Mid Thames & Buckinghamshire through a gift in your Will.

  • You can leave a fixed amount of money. This is called a “pecuniary legacy”.
  • A gift of the residue or part of the residue of an estate known as a “residuary legacy”.
  • A specific item such as a piece of jewellery or a painting for example.

If you decide to include Relate Mid Thames & Buckinghamshire in your Will, you should give the following information to your solicitor:

Relate Mid Thames & Buckinghamshire
Walton House
Walton Street
HP21 7QQ

Registered Charity Number 1083588