Support from councillors in South Bucks & Chilterns



Grants from South Bucks District Council and Chiltern District Council have supported local residents in accessing vital support over the last year.

Contributions from our Bursary Funding Scheme make up the difference between what local residents can afford to pay and the actual cost of delivering skilled relationship counselling to improve their emotional and mental well-being.

Chilterns District Council awarded a £1,400 grant and South Bucks £1,000 to support counselling costs for residents living within each area.

Fiona Greenfield, Centre Director, said: “Relationship counselling plays such an important role in strengthening individuals, families and therefore communities and we are grateful for the support that councillors and their grants teams in South Bucks and Chilterns have given not just this past year but over a number of years.

“In such uncertain times emotional and financial pressures increase, especially on the most vulnerable. Our counsellors provide crucial support, teaching lifelong skills that branch out into every area of people’s lives, improving personal, workplace and social relationships.”

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