Shanly Foundation helps us provide funded assessments

Thanks to a grant from the Shanly Foundation, we are able to offer a limited number of free initial counselling assessments to local couples, families and individuals struggling in the Covid-19 lockdown.

The charitable organisation stepped in quickly with a £1,000 grant in response to our request to meet the demand for our professional web counselling.

Fiona Greenfield, Centre Director, said: “The combination of emotional and practical uncertainty, financial pressures, sickness, bereavement, living in a confined space and lack of external contact is creating intense mental and emotional stress for the most vulnerable people in our communities. An increasing number of people need our support now and will do so for some time in the future as the immediate and long-term effects of such stressful circumstances play out.”

“On behalf of our counsellors and our clients, I would like to thank the Shanly Foundation for such a fast response to our request for help.”

For further details about booking an initial assessment, see our contacts page:

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