During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak it is business as usual for our Macmillan service via web counselling.  We will continue to accept email referrals. Please go to our home page for the latest updates for all our services.

Cancer and its treatment can have a big impact on your relationships with your partner, family, and on
your sexual relationship too.

Even if changes and problems are temporary, you and those who matter to you may need help to understand what is happening.

Macmillan Cancer Support is working with Relate in Buckinghamshire to offer free counselling sessions to people with cancer, their family or carers.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or you finished treatment some time ago, we can help.
Understanding experts, who have had extra training in cancer awareness, can meet with you on your own, with your partner, or with other family members including children, parents or siblings to help you talk through:
• changes and problems with relationships because one of you has cancer
• difficulties talking to and supporting each other
• problems talking to children, or parents and other relatives about cancer
• challenges in getting ‘back to normal’, as a couple or family, when cancer treatment is finished
• the impact on intimacy and sex life resulting from surgery, treatment, altered body image, tiredness or anxiety.

If you or a family member is living with or recovering from cancer, or you’re a carer for someone with cancer, and you would like to meet a counsellor, you can ask your cancer nurse specialist to refer you to this service.

‘People shouldn’t feel reluctant to ask for help.
There’s a stigma attached to ‘needing’ counselling,
but seeking out our support can create the space to
work out the impact of cancer, mentally, physically,
sexually and emotionally.’
Petra, Relate Counsellor

‘Thank you so much for your support, counselling has really helped
and was very much needed. We wouldn’t have been able to
do it without it being funded.  It has been life changing to
our relationship and stress levels’. Service user feedback, Sept 2019

This service has been funded by Macmillan until the end of March 2021

For more information about how to be referred to this service please call or email us.