Relate MTB opens new counselling room at Chiltern Hills Academy, Chesham

Relate Mid Thames & Buckinghamshire (Relate MTB) is delighted to be offering relationship counselling in Chesham in a new comfortable, accessible setting thanks to Chiltern Hills Academy.

Our professional counsellors are providing local support for couples, individuals and families.

Relate MTB Centre Director, Fiona Greenfield, said: “We have already been made to feel very welcome in our new setting and I want to thank everyone at Chiltern Hills Academy and within our own team who have made this very positive move possible.

“Chiltern Hills Academy is a real community hub and we are proud to be adding another dimension to the services that are already on offer here. They stepped in when we were told we needed to leave the Chess Centre and we are so pleased to offer existing and new clients a convenient, informal and relaxing setting for our vital service.”

Kevin Patrick, Principal of Chiltern Hills Academy, said: “We are pleased that Relate MTB approached us.  We are a school that strives to be at the heart of the community. Our values and ethos are based around the seven Christian values of love, hope, compassion, respect, forgiveness, honesty and self-discipline, the work undertaken by Relate MTB clearly embodies these values.”

Relate MTB’s team of highly qualified counsellors serve the local community, including disadvantaged and vulnerable people, providing a high quality, reliable and confidential service for people who are feeling isolated and vulnerable.

Although the charity requests a fee from clients who are in a position to pay, many are not and the balance of the cost of delivering skilled, expert counselling and support is met from Relate MTB’s Bursary Funding Scheme.

To make an appointment for relationship counselling at Chiltern Hills Academy, Chartridge Lane, Chesham HP5 2RG, please call Relate MTB on 01494 791180 or email

Relate MTB is a local, independent charity, offering professional relationship counselling, find out more at

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