The Parenting Together programme may be able to help you if you feel that stress and conflict in your relationship are affecting your family.

-Do you live in Bucks?

-Are you a parent in conflict?

– Is your relationship with your partner having a negative impact on your children?

-Are you aware we offer funded sessions for you and your partner?

Sessions can be together or separately, if you need support email: or call us on 01628 625320 / 01494 791180.

The programme is on offer to residents and those who access services in: Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Southend, Peterborough and Thurrock. Relate MTB supports those living in Buckinghamshire.

It offers parents funded support via a helpful course of support selected to suit your circumstances to address conflict within your relationship as well as strengthening your parenting skills to bring up your children. Courses can be delivered by webcam or face to face and last no more than 1 hour each time. Saturday slots are also available if needed.

The following parenting and relationship programmes are available:

You will be able to access one of four new evidence-based programmes; the level and type of intervention depend on your situation and the level of conflict:

  • For high-level conflict: Parents in Dispute:
    • Mentalization-Based Therapy (10 weeks)
    • 4Rs 2Ss Family Strengthening Programme (8 weeks)
  • For moderate conflict:
    • Parents Plus – Parenting When Separated (6 sessions)
    • Family Check-Up (4 sessions)


PLEASE NOTE: Sessions will take place remotely during times that social distancing measures apply.  We are planning to be offering Covid secure face to face sessions in our Maidenhead and Aylesbury centres from the end of September.  Please talk to our enquiries team for more information 01628 625320 / 01494 791180.

What is it all about?

Relationships can be tough when you are a parent.

Being a parent can be challenging – but when your relationship with your partner, or your ex-partner, isn’t going well it’s even tougher.

  • There are times when we are all under stress but while conflict is part of family life for everyone, sometimes difficulties between parents – whether they are living together or have separated – can get in the way of being able to manage life at your best.
  • If you are experiencing conflict with your partner, or your ex-partner, there may be a lack of warmth or emotional connection between you, or rows and arguments that get stuck or become out of control; you might find that these happen often and are hard to sort out by yourselves.
  • Whether together or separated, how we interact with each other as parents has a big impact on our children.
  • Research shows us that conflict between parents can have a negative effect on children’s development – on their mental and physical health, problems at school, sleep difficulties and the relationships they themselves make as they grow up.

How Does Parental Conflict Affect Children?

You can watch a video here about why this programme helps with the issues that couples arguing can cause for children:

More about the programme

The programme offers parents support to suit their circumstances to address conflict within their relationship as well as strengthening your parenting skills to bring up your children.

Support takes the form of one to one or group sessions delivered by experienced facilitators who are skilled in encouraging discussion around the modern struggles that parents and couples face.

During the programme, you will work on your relationship, whether you are together or separate, and find ways to manage stresses and disagreements, exploring patterns of behaviour and tools and techniques to improve your parenting skills and help your family succeed.

Who can attend?

Courses are free and, where possible, support will be offered in your home or in your local community. Programmes are open to all eligible parents, mothers and fathers, same-sex parents are there are tailored opportunities for couples who are together in a relationship or those who are separated.

This is a DWP funded programme and Relate MTB are working in partnership with Tavistock Relationships.

How can I get the help?

Contact us via email: or by phone:
01628 625320 / 01494 791180

What can I expect?

We will contact you and fill out some more detailed information with you both.

The programmes offer:

  • Support that is proven to improve relationships
  • Support that is tailored to you
  • A supportive and experienced professional
  • Delivered at a time and place to suit you
  • A quick response

Parents are encouraged to commit fully to the course in order to gain the most benefit.

Sessions range from individual, one-on-one, to group sessions between 8 to 12 parents depending on your particular needs. Creche facilities are not routinely available but may be offered if there is enough demand.