Continuing our good work

Delivering an almost seamless counselling service, despite Covid-19 lockdowns and disruption, has been made possible by the loyal support of local funders with whom we have built trusting and on-going relationships.

The Louis Baylis Charitable Trust, closely associated with the Maidenhead Advertiser, has been a long-term supporter of Relate. The Trustees tasked with administering this fund understand the needs of our communities and the local charitable organisations on which they rely – such as the expert counselling service that we provide to those in need.

Set up in 1962 by the Maidenhead Advertiser’s founder, Louis Baylis, to secure the independent future of the local newspaper and its role at the heart of its community, The Louis Baylis Charitable Trust is supported by everyone who buys a copy of the paper or takes out an advert.

That is why it means so much to us to have been awarded a grant of £2,000 towards our Bursary Funding Scheme, which means that we, in turn, can also make a difference to our communities.

This grant will help vulnerable local families, couples and individuals, from all walks of life, to meet the cost of professional relationship counselling at a time when the need is growing.

On behalf of all those people, and our counsellors, we extend our grateful thanks to the Louis Baylis Charitable Trust and to all at Baylis Media.

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